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Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership

Severe Weather

Severe Weather

Severe Weather can affect all parts of the UK and due to climate change we can expect that over the coming years it is likely that there will be an increase in the severity and frequency of severe weather events.
The main types of severe weather which are prevalent in Greater Manchester are;

  • Heavy rain
  • Snow
  • Storms and gales
  • Low temperatures
  • Heat waves

The North West is more exposed than other parts of the UK to strong winds due to the relatively close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and large upland areas.

Preparing for severe weather

During severe weather we may witness disruption that will affect our lives such as disruptions to road networks and public transport and we will need to adjust the way we do things. To help be prepared for these disruptions we can sign up to receive weather forecasts which provide advance warnings of weather events and general safety advice. You can sign up top receive these forecasts through the met office:
For further information on specific sever weather and how to be prepared follow the links below;

How we are preparing for severe weather

To help prepare at a Greater Manchester level, many organisations are working collectively through the Greater Manchester Resilience Forum to develop and maintain plans to respond to severe weather events and promote preparedness, some of activities include;

  • Distributing Met Office severe weather warnings
  • Gritting routes for main roads
  • Warning and informing the public about the consequences of severe weather
  • Identifying and supporting vulnerable people
  • Maintaining business continuity plans

What you can do during severe weather

  • Listen to weather forecasts and act on any weather warnings
  • Follow advice from emergency services, the NHS and local authority
  • Tune into regional TV or radio for latest news
  • Plan journeys with the weather in mind
  • If travelling in severe weather make sure that you have adequate clothing and emergency supplies in your boot such as food, blankets and shovels
  • Consider any neighbours who may need help