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Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
An Environment Agency worker clears trash from a debris screen in a river.

Flood Action Week 2020-2021

09/11/2020 - 13/11/2020

The awareness campaign is aimed at providing essential advice about what people should do if they live in an area at risk of flooding.

It’s especially hoping to encourage those who live in areas at risk of flooding, but who have not experienced flooding before, to take action now to protect their home, possessions and family from the devastating effect of flooding in the future.

Over 5 million homes are at risk of flooding in England alone, the average cost of flooding to a home is £30k and the mental health-impacts are long-lasting.

The campaign – called Prepare. Act. Survive. – advises those in flood risk areas to create their own simple flood plan.

For more advice, visit the Environment Agency's "What to do in a flood" webpage.

Environment Agency what to do in a flood infographic.


Offers of help / Requests for assistance

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