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Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership

Before an Emergency

Don’t panic.  The chances of you being caught up in a major emergency are low, but just in case this happens, you and your family need to be ready.

Top tips to help you prepare before an emergency

In some emergencies you may be asked to evacuate your home by the emergency services. The tips below will help you and your family do this quickly and calmly.

  • Think about the kinds of emergencies that could happen in your area. There is more information available on this in the Community Risk Register (pdf 1.9mb).
  • Prepare a Household Emergency Plan (Word 52kb). Complete the downloadable document and keep it somewhere safe. This household emergency plan should contains all the information you’ll need to help you to leave your property quickly and calmly.
  • Create an emergency contact list (pdf 12kb). Complete the downloadable document and keep this somewhere safe.
  • Pack an emergency Grab Bag. In an emergency situation you may need to move quickly, so it’s important to have all your basic necessities to hand. Ideally prepare a small bag with essentials. At the very least, have an up to date check list for your ‘Grab bag’. Find out what you should have in your emergency grab bag here.
  • Make sure you know how and where to turn off the electricity, water and gas supply.
  • Ensure you have adequate and up-to- date insurance. If you’re in a flood area make sure this is covered.