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Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership

Prepare Your Business

Have you considered the impacts of emergencies on your business or organisation?

Businesses can be affected by a sudden impacts such as;

  • Significant reduction of staff
  • Denial of access to you premises
  • Unexpected loss of electricity or gas mains supply
  • Loss of mains water supply or sewerage services
  • Disruption to transport
  • Loss of telecommunications or computer systems
  • Loss of financial transaction services
  • Disruption which affects your suppliers

Are you prepared to respond to these sudden impacts? The Community Risk Register can provide you with information on the likelihood and potential impact of a number of different risks that exist and help you consider the implications on your businesses operations.

How to prepare your business for an emergency

Being prepared for an emergency can give your business a competitive advantage. Businesses need to make sure that they are prepared for any number of disruptions. The following pages provide more information on how to prepare your business.