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Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership
Greater Manchester agencies working in partnership

Flooding Advice

Find out your risk of being flooded

1 in 6 homes in the UK are at risk of flooding.
There are ways to mitigate the effects of flooding and ways to keep safe during and after a flood. Think about flooding before it happens:

  • Your local authority or the Environment Agency can tell you about the dangers of flooding where you live.
  • Sign up to receive free flood warning messages from the Environment Agency’s floodline: 0345 988 1188
  • Know what each of the levels of flood warning mean:

Preparing for flooding

  • Consider how you might protect your property and possessions in the event of a flood. Sandbags provide only limited protection against flooding and many local authorities do not provide them to residents during floods. Visit the National Flood Forum for more information about how to prepare your home
  • Make an emergency plan in case you need to evacuate – this includes where you will go and what to take
  • Consider purchasing emergency supplies for 3 days, including bottled water and non-perishable foods
  • Move important documents and irreplaceable items to a higher level in your property
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance.

If flooding is predicted

  • Consider any neighbours who may need your help, such as the elderly, disabled or those with young children
  • Contact FWD on 0845 988 1188 to find out what flood warnings are in force in your area at any time of day or night. Flood warnings, updated every 15 minutes can also be viewed on the Environment Agency website
  • Pay attention to local TV and radio and social media such as twitter
  • Follow the advice of emergency services.